Welcome to the Music Ministry of the Basilica of Regina Pacis!

Our choirs and musicians lend their voices and talents contributing to the beauty and prayerfulness of the Divine Liturgy within the diverse cultures of our parish community.
Here at Regina Pacis the music ministry offers its service to English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese parishioners through the faithful dedication of choirs from each of these cultures.

We are proud of the fact that “although many choirs, we are one music ministry.” Our pastor Msgr. Ronald Marino cites that our experience is of ONE parish where faith, hope and charity deepens as we share our lives together carrying out this important ministry in Christ.

The Parish Adult Choir:

Is comprised of adults from there 20’s and up. The adult choir sings at the Solemn Mass at 12noon on Sundays and special feast days. A Festival of Carols is sung before the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, for the most solemn liturgies of the Holy Week. The choir also sings Evensong every Friday of Lent. Which is a beautiful moment of reflection for the parish during this season. The repertoire consists of hymns and psalms, Gregorian chant, and inspiring choral works. There are instrumentalists, sometimes a small chamber orchestra, that heighten the beauty of the experience of worship together.

The choir is welcoming, and friendly, new members are always accepted to help increase melodies and harmonies proclaimed throughout the Basilica. Please contact Jonathan Fields, ja.jonathan@gmail.com if interested or come and greet the choir after Mass!

Rehearsals are every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00pm. The season is from September through June.

Current Members are:

Soprano         Angela Vaccaro, Eugenie Labbat, Ellen Landi, Josephine Sarcona, Mary Frangella, Cristina Lombardo, Sonia Friscia

Alto         Raquel Uy, Diane Botti

Tenor         Ross Fricsia, Bruno Codispoti

Baritone          Sal Fricsia, Antonio Breton, Ivan Cuautele

Violin         Adam von Housen

The Parish Youth and Bell Choir:

Our Youth and Bell choirs brings a special joy and energy to the liturgy here at Regina Pacis.

This choir sings and plays at the Family Mass on Sundays at 10:30am, and the at liturgies for Thanksgiving Eve, the Family Mass on Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday and at First Communion. It is open to young people who have already had their first communion.

Rehearsals are Tuesday afternoons from 4:00pm – 5:00pm. New members are welcome to join the fun! The season is from September through June.

Current Members are:

Serena Kovacic
Bella Kovacic
Michaela Pollack
Madison Pollack
Kevin Ramirez
Amelia Zajac
Denisse Quintana
Cisne Quintuna
Katherine Yerolemou
Diana Zempualtec
Ivonne Zempualtec
Giada Trepidino
Elis Peraj

Guitar          Sal Ardizone

Violin                  Glenda Peraj


The Parish Italian Choir:

The Italian Choir sings at liturgies for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Joseph,

St. Padre Pio, St. Anthony and St. Fortunata.

Current Members are:

Giuseppina D’Urso
Gelsomina Gnerre
Nicola Pace
Rita Tafuri
Rosa Tapino
Elizabeth Zaza


The Parish Spanish Choirs:

There are two choirs (Manantial de Fe and Jesus el Buen Pastor) that sings at the 9:00am mass in Spanish, usually on alternating Sundays. They also sing together for the Feasts for Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Cisne. These very beautiful liturgies have become moments where the Spanish community shares their great devotion to Our Lady with the English, Italian and Chinese speaking communities as well.

Manantial de Fe:
Julio Sanmartin – Director
Sonia Minchala

Jesus el Buen Pastor:
Camilo Chamorro-Director
Cruz Ajpacaja
Santos Ajpacaja
Juana Chamorro
Manuela Chamorro
Marta Chamorro
David Garcia
Juan M. Garcia
Pedro Antonio Garcia
Emanuel Guarchaj
Isabel de Jesus Gutierrez
Vilma C. Garcia Gutierrez
Gabriel Chan Lopez
Ernesto Tzunan

The Parish Chinese Choir:

Sings every Sunday at the 12:00noon mass in St. Joseph Chapel.

The Chinese choir together with the Parish Adult choir sings during the celebrations of Our Lady of China and the Chinese New Year. These celebrations help our Parish to enter more deeply into these beautiful expressions of Chinese culture and faith.

Current Members are:

Eva Chen – Director
Tiffany Lin
Karen Chen
Gang Li
Han Chao Li
Shucheng Li
Juan Jin
Pearl Chen
Claire Xue
Simon You